Don’t Let Congress Avoid Their Budgetary Responsibilities! Automatic Continuing Resolutions Would Mean Less Money for HIV Programs

After going through the longest government shutdown in United States history, it is understandable and even laudable that members of Congress are trying to find ways to avoid future shutdowns. However, recently crafted legislation that would automatically extend funding whenever the President and Congress failed to enact a spending bill on time—an action known as an automatic continuing resolution—is not the solution.

While automatically funding the government when a funding deadline is missed sounds like common sense answer to end the madness of government shutdowns, it would actually do more harm than good. Congress needs to do its job!  Allowing the federal government to keep running without a funding agreement between Congress and The White House would allow them to cede their jobs and avoid tackling difficult issues. With no real motivation to get spending deals done, many programs for people living with HIV could wind up being flat-funded or experience funding cuts. For members of Congress who want to shrink government & reduce spending on programs for Americans in need of medical care, housing and other essential services, an automatic continuing resolution is a dream come true.

Tell your members of Congress that simply passing the budgetary buck with automatic continuing resolutions isn’t an option and that any system that reduces funding for HIV programs isn’t a system that should be in place.

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